Our Process

Using our robust and objective assessment process, which we have spent years perfecting, will help you avoid the myriad costs of a bad hire—the loss of time and money, the negative affect on morale and productivity—while also helping you retain and promote the right people. People with stronger PCI results tend to be stronger performers and stronger performers can have a bigger impact on your bottom-line business results.

Truth Triangle


Whether you use our process for hiring, leader development, or succession planning, the objective data we provide is a critical piece of the puzzle required to predict a person’s success. While Past Performance (accomplishments, performance ratings) and People’s Perceptions (reference checks, 360 degree feedback) are important factors to consider, they only give you a snapshot of past and present behavior, and can be highly subjective. PCI’s forward-looking, objective process uncovers a person’s Personal Potential for future success.

Best in the Industry

PCI’s psychologists have leveraged their access to every available assessment tool on the market to design robust, online batteries of best-in-the-industry tests. Our process also includes an interview that allows us to dig deeper into the test results to pinpoint the person’s strengths, gaps, and risk-factors with laser-sharp accuracy. Decades of experience interpreting these tests, evidence from our validation studies, and feedback from hiring managers who use our process, has made us experts at predicting people’s future performance and potential for advancement.