Talent Management is a Science

Hire and Promote with Scientific Accuracy

Accurately Predict Hiring and Promotion Success

Talent Success Prediction™ is the science of gauging future performance and potential success. Perfected over more than 50 years, (TSP) can help you hire, retain and promote the best people.


Objective Data Doesn’t Lie

Take the uncertainty out of the hiring equation.

Talent Success Prediction™ Key Benefits

  • Convenient

    We conduct phone interviews and schedule testing when it’s most convenient for candidates. You save time and money—and always get scientifically valid results quickly.

  • Objective

    Interviews can make people seem to be what they’re not. Our process is a highly objective predictor of candidate success. With PCI, you’ll make your decisions based on facts—not feelings.

  • Accurate

    When there’s so much at stake with every hire, making choices with limited data is risky. We integrate multiple tests and interview data so you can always be confident in our results and our accuracy.

  • Rigorous

    We use extensively researched tools, our proprietary normative databases, and a peer review process to ensure our results are job-related, objective, fair, and legally defensible.

  • Unbiased

    We have no vested interest in the decisions made about those that we assess. What’s more, we test for things that other firms don’t. The result? A total evaluation of a candidate’s potential for success.

  • High-touch

    Our work doesn’t end with the report. Our assessors are happy to speak with you to answer your questions or to provide more information about a candidate’s results before, after or during the process.

Designed for the Way You Work

What Standards do You Want to Measure Your Candidates Against?

We can develop a competency model for you, design one with you, or map our process to your competencies. You can then choose one of our standard reports or customize the reporting to fit your needs.

Talent Success Prediction TM

We’ve been helping companies select top talent, develop skilled leaders and strategically plan for succession since 1957. In that time, our highly experienced human behavior experts have conducted more than 50,000 assessments of executives, managers and professionals. Looking to hire, retain and develop the best people? Trust the Talent Success Prediction™ experts.
  • 1 The TSP Process™


    Provide your job descriptions, candidate resumes and contact information.
    Our dedicated assessment coordinators email and call your candidates to schedule testing.

  • 2 The TSP Process™


    Your candidates complete a comprehensive online battery of objective assessments designed to assess the whole person, not simply one facet.

  • 3 The TSP Process™


    Our Senior Assessors review the assessment results and use the data to guide a structured telephone based interview. Feedback on the testing is provided to all candidates.

  • 4 The TSP Process™


    Our assessment professionals integrate assessment data and interview results to write and deliver a customized report to you shortly after interview completion.

  • 5 The TSP Process™


    After the report has been delivered, you can talk to our assessment experts about the candidate. Those hired and internal candidates can be provided with developmental planning support based on assessment results.

Over Half a Century of Predicting Talent Success

Join our clients who have reduced turnover, retained top talent and built strong leadership teams

Leslie Braksick
Leslie Braksick Co-Founder and Senior Partner at My Next Season

The assessments performed by PCI are top shelf. Their analysis is insightful, accessible, refreshingly candid and reasonably priced. They are accustomed to working with tight time demands and high expectations for excellence. PCI delivers every time.

Paul Uhler Vice President, Global HR and Communications at Mine Safety Appliances Co. (MSA)

We consider every hiring decision to be a multi-million dollar decision, and at MSA Safety people truly are our most important resource. So to the greatest extent possible, we strive to assure success when adding new team members. PCI is a terrific partner in this key process, used in over 30 countries in which we operate.

Marcy Campbell
Marcy Campbell Vice President of Human Resources at Matthews International

In this competitive landscape of recruiting and retaining the best and brightest, it was important to Matthews International to partner with a leading assessment testing firm to provide us with one more data point in our holistic approach to sourcing and interviewing for current openings as well as developing our high potentials for successor roles. PCI provides us with that reassurance that we have captured the complete picture on the capabilities of our job candidates and existing talent.

Put Talent Success Prediction™ to Work for You

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Al Schnur, Jr., Ph.D. Al Schnur, Ph.D. President LinkedIn Profile

Bad hires. Frequent turnover. Firings. The costs can be enormous—both in dollars wasted and in time, effort and stress.

To manage a successful business, you need to hire the right people and keep them. And to do that, you need to be able to accurately predict candidate success…

If you’re not sure your next hire will go according to plan, you owe it to yourself—and to your company—to explore The People Company, International’s Talent Success Prediction™ process. Learn how PCI can uniquely offer you a clear picture of your candidate’s strengths, gaps, and risks.

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