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PCI conducts extensive research to help clients get the most out of our assessments. Across numerous studies, PCI assessment ratings have shown very strong, positive correlations with Advancement Potential. Our Talent Success Prediction™ process consistently predicts performance over time, allowing you to identify and develop those employees who will grow and develop—in their roles and beyond.
  • Reduce turnover. One PCI study showed none of those hires rated Above Average by PCI had left the organization, even after 2 years.
  • Find future leaders. PCI’s objective process typically reveals that less than 50% of those identified as HiPos by their supervisor have high potential to advance.
  • Strengthen your “bench.”  PCI’s developmental assessments allow you to keep top talent motivated by investing in their growth and giving them tools to advance.
27 %

Percentage of leaders who feel “prepared” to meet human capital challenges

60 %

Percentage of companies rating the quality of their leadership less than “high”

50 %

Percentage chance that a leadership hire sourced externally will fail

Why Promote from Inside the Company?

Increase performance—and save time and money—by developing your leaders

Make the most of existing hires

Our Talent Success Prediction™ process helps you assess both leadership potential and motivation to take on additional responsibilities. The result? You’ll be able to better predict  and develop the future leaders of your organization.

Supercharge your hiring system

High-performing companies focus less on workers who’ll “do the job” and more on those with advancement potential. By predicting future performance, we help you move past haphazard hiring and toward repeatable success.

Retain key talent

Your best people will always be in demand. Talent Success Prediction™ can identify the personal needs of your key managers and employees to help you make them feel valued—ensuring they’re less likely to leave.

It Costs Money to Build Leaders… Spend it Wisely

Be sure of your investment with Talent Success Prediction™

Companies with highly developed leadership programs outperform their competitors. Business results are 7 times greater, and they are 12 times more effective at accelerating business growth.

But in many companies, most funding is spent on top executives, with first-level managers (and potential future leaders) receiving the least - 50% less than mid-level managers.

Break free of one-size fits all development spending. Spend your money in the right places and develop leaders at all levels with Talent Success PredictionTM customized solutions.

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Questions about PCI and Leadership Development

  • How do I retain talented team members who want to grow with the company?
    Using the PCI Talent Success Prediction™ process, our expert assessors can identify a person’s strengths and gaps. These will help you and your team member determine their potential for advancement and the best career path within your company. By proactively investing in talent assessment and development, you’ll encourage loyalty in the people you want to keep, and show high-potential candidates that you value your people, making your company a more attractive place to work.
  • I have team members who are struggling, but I’m not sure why. We’ve tried coaching—what can we do to improve performance?
    The PCI assessment process is an excellent tool for helping you understand why a person is underperforming, because it reveals underlying capabilities and traits that are not easily observable. In our assessment report, we identify issues with a person’s abilities, skills, motivations and/or job fit—information that will save you months of trying to solve the problem yourself. Armed with these important insights, you’ll be better equipped to help individuals improve their performance.
  • Our company is not good at onboarding new hires. What can we do to get people up to speed more quickly?
    The PCI Assessment Report, which we deliver during the hiring process, provides critical information that can help you proactively onboard new hires. We also provide developmental tips, so you know right away what your company can do to leverage your new hire’s strengths and address their gaps (instead of waiting for a performance review). PCI can also provide a developmental report for each new hire to help each develop and prevent potential gaps from becoming actual performance issues. This makes onboarding go more smoothly for your new team members, and gets them performing at their full potential as soon as possible—meaning you’ll reap the benefits of increased productivity and morale.

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Bad hires will hurt your organization at any level, but they will be especially damaging when leaders do not perform as needed. To properly build your leadership team, you need to hire the right people—those who have potential for advancement and growth—and develop them over time.

PCI can show you how to do just that. Learn more about developing leaders and building the strength of your leadership bench.