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Resumes, interviews and references provide only 10% of what you need to know about whether a candidate will succeed at your company. Before you make another costly hiring mistake, find out about the other 90%... Start making better hiring decisions today.
81 %

Percentage of hiring mistakes due to the inaccuracy of interviews

38 %

Percentage of personnel tests that, when used alone, find significant concerns relevant to actual job performance

92 %

Reference checks that fail to uncover significant candidate performance issues

What Does Talent Success Prediction™ Measure?

Can a candidate do the job?

Not all candidates will be able to do the job — many have already “topped out” at their current level. PCI accurately measures ability and potential to give you confidence that candidates have the mental and decision-making abilities you need for your jobs.

Will the candidate do the job?

Even if candidates have the ability, not all will have the motivation to excel in the target role. Our assessment measures drive, follow-through, ability to meet deadlines and more.  Combining “can do” with “will do” helps ensure you’re hiring conscientious employees.

How will the candidate do the job?

Even star candidates need to be able to work well with others, handle stress, accept feedback, and so on.  PCI’s Talent Success Prediction Process™ gives you a complete picture of each candidate—letting you be confident in your hiring decisions. Every time.

Reduce Turnover, Improve Productivity—and Save Money

There’s a better way to hire

Economic Value From Assessment

Bad hires have been proven to have wide-reaching impacts—loss of productivity; needless time spent recruiting and training one or more replacements; opportunity costs, and negative effects on morale, sales and customers.

Our Talent Success Prediction™ process for executives, managers and professionals helps you select top performing talent, saving you money and time, and boosting morale and productivity for your overall organization.

Questions about PCI and Talent Success Prediction™

  • How do I know a PCI assessment will help us make better hiring decisions?
    PCI prevents hiring mistakes by assessing the whole person. Our assessment experts integrate testing and interview data to write highly predictive reports that are accurate, valid and legally defensible—and that help to ensure that you hire the right person the first time, every time. We look at the whole person, based on a large number of data points; we also look at each person within the context of the job they are being hired for and what will serve them well or not in that role.
  • We’ve hired people before who interviewed well and looked great on paper, but ended up not being a good fit for our company. How will this time be different?
    We work closely with you to understand your organization’s culture and values, identifying the “must haves” for success as well as personality traits that might cause someone to not be a good fit. PCI prevents hiring mistakes by giving you a comprehensive, completely objective assessment of not only your candidate’s strengths, but also their gaps and risks. These gaps may not necessarily be coachable. You’ll then receive a comprehensive report that clearly and candidly tells you exactly what you can expect from a candidate if you hire them.
  • What if top candidates go to other organizations because the hiring process takes too long?
    We have streamlined the PCI process so that our experts can assess a person for success and fit quickly, ensuring that you can hire top talent before your competitors do. We are able to provide you with our assessment reports within 2-3 days of a candidate completing the testing and interview. We also offer verbal feedback calls and abbreviated reports to give you high-level information when you need it even more quickly than that. The accuracy and turnaround time of our individual assessment reports are industry-leading.
  • Am I likely to lose good candidates because they will not view the assessment process favorably?
    Our remote assessment process creates a positive experience for candidates. A candidate does not have to come into our office to take the tests or to be interviewed—they complete the testing at their leisure and then participate in an interview by telephone. This saves them time (and saves you money). During the interview we provide verbal feedback to candidates and explain how the assessment will be used by the employer: a personal touch that goes a long way in making them feel they have been treated fairly during the process. The people you hire will appreciate that they are entering an organization that values talent and potential.
  • We are a global company. Is your assessment U.S.-centric, or unfair to other cultures?
    PCI has decades of experience assessing candidates for global companies. Our international test battery includes tests available in many different languages, and our global team can interview your candidates in their native language and at convenient times. Further, our global norms allow you to compare candidates around the world. Our results are equally valid across all regions and provide an assessment of a candidate’s ability to interact successfully across cultures, helping you to make the right expatriate placements and international assignments.
  • I don’t want to spend too much money assessing a lot of candidates. How can I screen out poor candidates before sending them through your process?
    We educate our clients to use the process only after a thorough candidate screening, so you send only your short-listed candidates to us. If you’d like, we can develop structured interview guides to help you screen out those who are unlikely to do well on our assessment. We will also track the quality of your candidates over time and analyze the commonalities of those who receive unfavorable evaluations, which will provide you with valuable insights to help you improve the screening process.

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Bad hires. Frequent turnover. Firings. The costs can be enormous—both in dollars wasted and in time, effort, and stress. To manage a successful business, you need to hire the right people and retain them.

PCI can show you how to do just that. Learn more about how PCI’s Talent Success Prediction Process™ can help you accurately predict candidate success and true potential the first time…